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Schinko, Thomas and Mechler, Reinhard and Hochrainer-Stigler, Stefan (2018) The Risk and Policy Space for Loss and Damage: Integrating Notions of Distributive and Compensatory Justice with Comprehensive Climate Risk Management. In: Loss and Damage from Climate Change. Springer, Cham. pp. 83-110. ISBN 978-3-319-72026-5

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Falagara Sigala, Ioanna and Fuminori, Toyasaki (2018) Prospects and Bottlenecks of Reciprocal Partnerships Between the Private and Humanitarian Sectors in Cash Transfer Programming for Humanitarian Response. In: Dynamics of Disasters. DOD 2017. Springer, Cham. pp. 57-72. ISBN 978-3-319-97442-2

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Schmieder, Julia and Weber, Andrea (2018) How did EU Eastern enlargement affect migrant labor supply in Austria? In: FOCUS ON EUROPEAN ECONOMIC INTEGRATION: Europe 2030: challenges and opportunities for European integration and convergence, Q3. Oesterreichische Nationalbank (Austrian Central Bank), Wien. pp. 113-121.

Flatscher, Rony G. (2018) Anatomy of a GUI (Graphical User Interface) Application for Rexx Programmers. In: Anatomy of a GUI (Graphical User Interface). Rexx Language Association, Raleigh, North Carolina. pp. 1-40. ISBN ISSN 1534-8954

Kaiser, Alexander and Mendling, Jan and Peschl, Markus (2018) Introduction to the Minitrack on Knowledge Management and Strategic Planning. In: Proceedings of the 51st Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences. University of Hawai'i at Manoa , Hawaii. p. 4289. ISBN 978-0-9981331-1-9

Frerichs, Sabine (2018) Transnational Law and Economic Sociology. In: Oxford Handbook of Transnational Law. Oxford University Press, Oxford. pp. 1-24.

Kragulj, Florian (2018) Characterising Human Capital in the Craft Industry. In: Proceedings of the 14th International Conference on Intellectual Capital, Knowledge Management & Organisational Learning. Academic Conferences and Publishing International Limited, Hongkong. pp. 145-151. ISBN 978-1-911218-61-6

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Grün, Bettina and Malsiner-Walli, Gertraud (2018) Bayesian Latent Class Analysis with Shrinkage Priors: An Application to the Hungarian Heart Disease Data. In: ASMOD 2018 -- Proceedings of the International Conference on Advances in Statistical Modelling for Ordinal Data. FedOA -- Federico II University Press, Napoli. pp. 13-24. ISBN 978-88-6887-042-3

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Commendatore, Pasquale and Kubin, Ingrid and Bougheas, Spiros and Kirman, Alan and Kopel, Michael and Bischi, Gian Italo (2018) Introduction. In: The Economy as a Complex Spatial System. Springer International Publishing AG, Cham. pp. 1-10. ISBN 978-3-319-65627-4

Neumaier, Sebastian and Thurnay, Lörinc and Lampoltshammer, Thomas J. and Knap, Tomás (2018) Search, Filter, Fork, and Link Open Data - The ADEQUATe platform: data- and community-driven quality improvements. In: WWW'18 Companion: International Workshop on Profiling and Searching Data on the Web (PROFILES). IW3C2 (International World Wide Web Conference Committee), New York, NY. pp. 1523-1526. ISBN 978-1-4503-5640-4

Kaiser, Alexander and Fahrenbach, Florian and Kragulj, Florian and Grisold, Thomas (2018) Towards a prioritization of needs to support decision making in organizational change processes. In: Proceedings of the Fiftyth First Annual Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences (HICSS-51). IEEE Computer Society Press, Waikoloa. pp. 4390-4399. ISBN 978-0-9981331-1-9

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Anderluh, Alexandra ORCID: and Hemmelmayr, Vera and Wakolbinger, Tina (2018) Mikrodepots und Lastenräder zur innerstädtischen Güterlieferung. Eine Betrachtung am Beispiel der Stadt Wien. In: Energiebedarf und Effizienz in der Intralogistik - Logistikwerkstatt Graz 2018. Reihe: Logistik Werkstatt Graz , Verlag der technischen Universität Graz, Graz. pp. 27-47. ISBN 978-3-85125-595-9

Polleres, Axel ORCID: and Kamdar, Maulik R. and Fernandez Garcia, Javier David ORCID: and Tudorache, Tania and Musen, Mark A. (2018) A More Decentralized Vision for Linked Data. In: Proceedings of the 2nd Workshop on Decentralizing the Semantic Web co-located with the 17th International Semantic Web Conference (ISWC 2018). CEUR Workshop Proceedings, Aachen. pp. 1-8.

Frerichs, Sabine (2018) What Is the 'Social' in Behavioural Economics? The Methodological Underpinnings of Governance by Nudges. In: Research Methods in Consumer Law: A Handbook. Edward Elgar Publishing, Cheltenham. pp. 1-39. ISBN 978 1 78536 660 4

Felderer, Astrid and Brandtweiner, Roman and Hoeltl, Andrea (2018) Ranking of Energy Saving Devices for Smart Homes according to their Payback Time. In: WIT Transactions on Ecology and the Environment, Vol. 217. WITPress, Southampton, Boston. pp. 389-399. ISBN 1743-3541

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Kragulj, Florian and Kaiser, Alexander and Grisold, Thomas (2018) Identifying Knowledge Enablers in Organizational Visions: A Synthesis of Theory and Practice. In: Fiftyth First Annual Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences (HICSS-51). IEEE Computer Society Press, Waikoloa. pp. 4290-4299. ISBN 978-0-9981331-1-9

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Koll, Johannes (2018) Schreiben Archivarinnen und Archivare Geschichte? Ein Essay. In: Normen und Ethos. Schreiben Archivarinnen und Archivare Geschichte? Leipziger Universitätsverlag, Leipzig. pp. 207-211. ISBN 978-3-96023-188-2

Nairz-Wirth, Erna and Feldmann, Klaus (2018) Hochschulen relational betrachten. In: Durchlässigkeit in der Hochschulbildung. Beiträge zur 5. AQ Austria Jahrestagung 2017. facultas, Wien. pp. 79-94. ISBN 9783708916965

Haendler, Thorsten (2018) On Using UML Diagrams to Identify and Assess Software Design Smells. In: Proceedings of the 13th International Conference on Software Technologies (ICSOFT 2018). Vol.1, SciTePress, Porto, Portugal. pp. 413-421. ISBN 978-989-758-320-9

Vettori, Oliver and Ledermüller, Karl and Höcher, Julia and Zeeh, Julia and Schwarzl, Christoph (2018) Developing a quality culture through internal dialogue at Vienna University of Economics and Business: The medium is still the message. In: Internal Quality Assurance: Enhancing higher education quality and graduate employability. UNESCO Publishing, Paris. pp. 167-184. ISBN 978-92-803-1415-1

Feurstein, Michael Sebastian (2018) Towards an Integration of 360-Degree Video in Higher Education. Workflow, challenges and scenarios. In: Proceedings of DeLFI Workshops 2018 co-located with 16th e-Learning Conference of the German Computer Society (DeLFI 2018). Vol-2250, CEUR WS, Frankfurt a.M.. pp. 1-12. ISBN 1613-0073

Wenning, Rigo and Kirrane, Sabrina ORCID: (2018) Compliance Using Metadata. In: Semantic Applications. Methodology, Technology, Corporate Use. Springer, Berlin, Heidelberg. pp. 31-45. ISBN 978-3-662-55432-6

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Westphal, Patrick and Fernandez Garcia, Javier David ORCID: and Kirrane, Sabrina ORCID: and Lehmann, Jens (2018) SPIRIT: A Semantic Transparency and Compliance Stack. In: Proceedings of the 14th International Conference on Semantic Systems. CEUR Workshop Proceedings, Aachen. p. 1.

Frerichs, Sabine and James, Rick (2018) Correlated Ownership: Polanyi, Commons, and the Property Continuum. In: Research Handbook on the Sociology of International Law. Edward Elgar, Cheltenham. pp. 62-85.

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