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Fuhrmann, Bettina (2021) "Das Rechnungswesen ist tot, es lebe das Rechnungswesen!" Didaktische Überlegungen zum Rechnungswesenunterricht unter Berücksichtigung der fortschreitenden Digitalisierung. bwp@ Berufs- und Wirtschaftspädagogik online, 3. pp. 1-16. ISSN 1618-8543

Fuhrmann-Greimel, Bettina and Cechovsky, Nora ORCID: and Riess, Julia (2021) Finanzbildung – „Life Skill“ zur Erschließung der Welt? Pädagogische Rundschau, 75 (1). pp. 47-58. ISSN 2365-8142

Penz, Elfriede ORCID: and Hofmann, Eva ORCID: (2021) What Stirs Consumers to Purchase Carbon-Friendly Food? Investigating the Motivational and Emotional Aspects in Three Studies. Sustainability, 13 (8377). ISSN 2071-1050

Rumpold, Herwig and Fuhrmann, Bettina (2021) Ein integratives Gesamtmodell ökonomischer Bildung als Allgemeinbildung. Pädagogische Rundschau, 75 (1). pp. 109-120. ISSN 2365-8142

Rusch, Thomas ORCID: and Mair, Patrick and Hornik, Kurt ORCID: (2021) Cluster Optimized Proximity Scaling. Journal of Computational and Graphical Statistics, 30 (4). pp. 1156-1167. ISSN 1537-2715


Gangl, Katharina and Hofmann, Eva ORCID: and Hartl, Barbara and Berkics, Mihaly (2020) The impact of powerful authorities and trustful tax payers: Evidence for the extended slippery slope framework from Austria, Finland and Hungary. Policy Studies, 41 (1). pp. 98-111. ISSN 1470-1006

Hartl, Barbara ORCID: and Kamleitner, Bernadette ORCID: and Holub, Sandra (2020) Take me on a ride: The role of environmentalist identity for carpooling. Psychology & Marketing, 37 (5). pp. 663-676. ISSN 1520-6793

Marth, Sarah and Sabitzer, Thomas and Hofmann, Eva ORCID: and Hartl, Barbara and Penz, Elfriede ORCID: (2020) The Influence of Regulation on Trust and Risk Preference in Sharing Communities. Frontiers in Psychology, 11 (1369). ISSN 1664-1078

Miko-Schefzig, Katharina ORCID: and Learmonth, Mark ORCID: and McMurray, Robert (2020) A different way of looking at things: The role of social science film in organisation studies. Organization. ISSN 1461-7323

Schiffinger, Michael and Braun, Sandra Martina (2020) The impact of social and temporal job demands and resources on emotional exhaustion and turnover intention among flight attendants. Journal of Human Resources in Hospitality and Tourism, 19 (2). pp. 196-219. ISSN 1533-2853


Fuhrmann, Bettina (2019) Why Wait? Über die Bedeutung des Belohnungsaufschubs bei ökonomischen Entscheidungen. bwp@ Spe­zial AT-2: Wirtschaftspädagogische Forschung und Im­pulse für die Wirt­schaftsdidaktik - Beiträge zum 13. Österreichischen Wirtschaftspädagogik­kongress. pp. 1-16. ISSN 1618-8543 |

Gangl, Katharina and Hartl, Barbara and Hofmann, Eva ORCID: and Kirchler, Erich (2019) The Relationship Between Austrian Tax Auditors and Self-Employed Taxpayers: Evidence From a Qualitative Study. Frontiers in Psychology, 10. p. 1034. ISSN 1664-1078

Gruber, Benjamin and Fuhrmann, Bettina and Seyer-Weiß, Silvia and Schmid, Kurt (2019) Pilotinitiative Wirtschafts- und Finanzkompetenz. Eine Studie zur Erhebung des Status quo und Indentifikation von potenziellen Handlungsfeldern. ibw Institut für Bildungsforschung der Wirtschaft, Wien.

Penz, Elfriede and Hartl, Barbara and Hofmann, Eva ORCID: (2019) Explaining consumer choice of low carbon footprint goods using the behavioral spillover effect in German-speaking countries. Journal of Cleaner Production, 214. pp. 429-439. ISSN 0959-6526

Stamkou, Eftychia and van Kleef, Gerben A. and Homan, Astrid C. and Gelfand, Michele J. and van de Vijver, Fons J.R. and van Egmond, Marieke C. and Boer, Diana and Phiri, Natasha and Ayub, Nailah and Kinias, Zoe and Cantarero, Katarzyna and Treister, Dorit Efrat and Figueiredo, Ana and Hashimoto, Hirofumi and Hofmann, Eva ORCID: and Lima, Renata P. and Lee, I-Ching (2019) Cultural Collectivism and Tightness Moderate Responses to Norm Violators: Effects on Power Perception, Moral Emotions, and Leader Support. Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, 45 (6). pp. 947-964. ISSN 15527433


Fuhrmann, Bettina (2018) Ist es (un)möglich, finanziell gebildet zu sein? bwp@ Spe­zial AT-1: Wirtschaftspädagogische Forschung und Im­pulse für die Wirt­schaftsdidaktik - Beiträge zum 12. Österreichischen Wirtschaftspädagogik­kongress. pp. 1-16. ISSN 1618-8543

Hartl, Barbara and Sabitzer, Thomas and Hofmann, Eva ORCID: and Penz, Elfriede (2018) "Sustainability is a nice Bonus" the role of sustainability in carsharing from a consumer perspective. Journal of Cleaner Production, 202. pp. 88-100. ISSN 0959-6526

Miko-Schefzig, Katharina and Reiter, Cornelia (2018) Partizipatives Forschen im Kontext der Organisation Polizei: Ethisches Forschen mit vulnerablen Gruppen am Beispiel der Schubhaft. Forum Qualitative Sozialforschung / Forum: Qualitative Social Research, 19 (3). pp. 1-23. ISSN 1438-5627

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Rusch, Thomas and Hornik, Kurt ORCID: and Mair, Patrick (2018) Assessing and quantifying clusteredness: The OPTICS Cordillera. Journal of Computational and Graphical Statistics, 27 (1). pp. 220-233. ISSN 1537-2715

Rusch, Thomas and Mair, Patrick and Hornik, Kurt (2018) The STOPS framework for structure-based hyperparameter selection in multidimensional scaling. In: Data Science, Statistics & Visualisation (DSSV2018), 09.07.-11.07., Vienna, Austria.

Sabitzer, Thomas and Hartl, Barbara and Marth, Sarah and Hofmann, Eva ORCID: and Penz, Elfriede (2018) Preventing Conflicts in Sharing Communities as a Means of Promoting Sustainability. Sustainability, 10 (8). p. 2828. ISSN 2071-1050

Sardadvar, Karin and Mairhuber, Ingrid (2018) Familienzeitbonus und Papamonat: zwischen Rechtslage und Realität. A&W Blog, Wien.


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Greimel-Fuhrmann, Bettina and Schopf, Christiane and Buchmaier, Doris (2014) Why Combining Interrelated Subjects does not Make a Global Subject - Lessons Learnt from the Latest Curriculum Reform of Austrian Commercial Schools. Procedia - Social and Behavioral Sciences, 116. pp. 481-485. ISSN 18770428

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