Foreign Direct Investment in the Financial Sector. The Engine of Growth for Central and Eastern Europe?

Eller, Markus and Haiss, Peter and Steiner, Katharina (2005) Foreign Direct Investment in the Financial Sector. The Engine of Growth for Central and Eastern Europe? EI Working Papers / Europainstitut, 69. Europainstitut, WU Vienna University of Economics and Business, Vienna.


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This paper examines the impact of financial sector foreign direct investment (FSFDI) on economic growth by estimating a panel data model for 11 Central and Eastern European countries (CEECs) between 1996 and 2003 in a cross-country growth accounting framework. The analysis concentrates on the efficiency channel linking FSFDI to economic growth. The results clearly indicate that there can be a relationship between FSFDI and economic growth. Approaching a medium degree of financial M&A is rewarded by higher economic growth after two periods. Beyond it, FSFDI seems to spur economic growth depending on a higher human capital stock. FSFDI-induced knowledge-spillovers to domestic banks can be an explanation for this phenomenon. Above a certain threshold, the crowding-out of local physical capital caused by the entry of a foreign bank seems to hamper economic growth. The value of the paper lies in (1) providing novel data on FSFDI in CEECs, (2) analyzing the impact of FDI on a sectoral level and (3) in modeling the hitherto only qualitatively discussed relationship between foreign banks and economic development into a structural, econometric model that combines two streams of economic research: the FDI-growth-literature and the finance-growth-literature. (author's abstract)

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Keywords: financial sector / foreign direct investment / economic growth / financial economics / transitional economies / panel data analysis
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