(BSF4)ooRexx and Java Web Servers

Flatscher, Rony G. (2020) (BSF4)ooRexx and Java Web Servers. In: Proceedings of the Rexx Symposium for Developers and Users. Rexx Language Association, Netherlands. pp. 1-25. ISBN 1534-8954


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BSF4ooRexx is a bi-directional Java bridge for the dynamic scripting language ooRexx which implements the Java scripting framework and can therefore be employed as a scripting language in many Java contexts. Java based web servers like Apache Tomcat implement the Java2EE/JakartaEE JSP (Java server pages) specifications which allow among other things to extend the JSP's functionality by providing tag libraries ("taglibs"). This article introduces such a taglib ("ScriptTagLibs") that allows any Java scripting language – in this article ooRexx [12] – to be employed for servlet programming and creating HTML content that gets returned as a result of a client's request and how to deploy it on Java based web servers in form of a war ("web application archive") file.

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