JavaFX for ooRexx – Creating Powerful Portable GUIs for ooRexx

Flatscher, Rony G. (2017) JavaFX for ooRexx – Creating Powerful Portable GUIs for ooRexx. The Proceedings of the Rexx Symposium for Developers and Users. pp. 1-43. ISSN 1534-8954

Available under License Creative Commons: Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0).

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JavaFX is a modern, multi-platform GUI programming environment with an interactive WYSIWYG GUI builder named "SceneBuilder". The JavaFX classes can be employed by Rexx applications that have a need for simple as well as complex GUIs. This presentation explains the JavaFX concepts and how to take advantage of them from Rexx. Working stand-alone nutshell examples will demonstrate how easy it is from Rexx to exploit JavaFX. This infrastructure is so powerful that it becomes possible over time to replace the Windows-only ooDialog-applications with modern GUIs that in addition are platform independent and not only run on Windows, but unchanged under Linux and MacOSX as well!

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