A Systematic Review on Developing Team Competencies in Information Systems Education

Figl, Kathrin (2010) A Systematic Review on Developing Team Competencies in Information Systems Education. Journal of Information Systems Education, 21 (3). pp. 323-338. ISSN 2574-3872


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The ability to work effectively in teams has been a key competence for information systems engineers for a long time. Gradually, more attention is being paid to developing this generic competence as part of academic curricula, resulting in two questions: how to best promote team competencies and how to implement team projects successfully. These questions are closely interwoven and need to be looked at together. To address these questions, this paper identifies relevant studies and approaches, best practices, and key findings in the field of information systems education and related fields such as computer science and business, and examines them together to develop a systematic framework. The framework is intended to categorize existing research on teams and team competencies in information systems education and to guide information systems educators in supporting teamwork and promoting team competencies in students at the course and curricular level in the context of teaching in tertiary education.

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Keywords: team competencies / team projects / curriculum development / information systems education
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