Our Apples are Healthier than Your Apples: Deciphering the Healthiness Bias for Domestic and Foreign Products

Gineikiene, Justina and Schlegelmilch, Bodo B. and Ruzeviciute, Ruta (2016) Our Apples are Healthier than Your Apples: Deciphering the Healthiness Bias for Domestic and Foreign Products. Journal of International Marketing, 24 (2). pp. 80-99. ISSN 1547-7215


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This study extends previous research by exploring perceptions of healthiness in the international food marketplace. To this end, it aims to fill an important gap by shedding light on the role of country of origin in shaping perceptions of healthiness. The authors provide evidence that domestic and foreign food products elicit different perceptions of healthiness. Consumers choose domestic products because they perceive them as healthier and more natural. The effect holds across different samples and product categories (apples, tomatoes, bread, and yogurt). However, this healthiness bias vanishes when products are presented as posing health risks and when products are introduced with a dual identity (i.e., both foreign and domestic). Researching these health-related effects helps provide a better understanding of consumer attitudes toward domestic- versus foreign-made food products.

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Additional Information: This article is made publicly available via ePubWU with permission of the publisher. The authors thank the JIM review team for insightful suggestions and constructive guidance during the review process. The helpful comments and support of Sophie Süssenbach and Bob Fennis are gratefully acknowledged. The authors also thank Klaus Ghesla, Lawrence McGrath, Andrea Kähr, Yvonne Klee, Franziska Metz, and Max Rüdisser for valuable feedback and help with data collection for Study 1. This research was funded by the European Union Structural Funds project, "Postdoctoral Fellowship Implementation in Lithuania." Bulent Menguc served as associate editor for this article.
Keywords: healthiness bias / country of origin / domestic and foreign food
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