Innovation in mobility: Austrian expert's perspective on the future of urban mobility with self-driving cars

Azmat, Muhammad ORCID: and Schuhmayer, Clemens and Kummer, Sebastian (2016) Innovation in mobility: Austrian expert's perspective on the future of urban mobility with self-driving cars. Innovation Arabia 9: Quality and Business Management Conference (Business Innovation - Imperative for knowledge Economy), 9. pp. 142-160. ISSN 2414-6110

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The future of mobility is changing at an exponential rate, as every day passes it moves closer to the goal of complete autonomy, therefore, it is safe to say that the adaptation of self-driving cars in near future is no more a matter of science fiction. Keeping in view the rapid evolution of mobility, this study tries to enlighten and compile the importance of autonomous vehicles in our daily life by highlighting monetary and societal advantages of adaptation. Moreover, it analysis the Austrian expert's opinion on the topic of adaptation of the self- driving cars and business prospects with autonomous vehicles for current businesses. The data on these two questions was collected in a workshop using Delphi method, where experts from varied professional backgrounds participated. But mainly the participants of the controlled group were representatives of public procurement, energy and automobile industry/sector. After a detailed presentation and discussion over the topic, the participants were asked for their views on forth mentioned two questions. Their opinions were recorded and visualized on a custom made graph and further analyzed using the descriptive statistical tool. At the end of the question and answer session a vast majority of experts, which is approximately 80%, thought that there is a good possibility of adaptation of autonomous vehicles in near future. But on the other hand relatively less percentage of experts were confident about the bright future for current businesses in automobile industry; They argued that the current business decorum would change dramatically in a couple of decades and this would be the question of survival of the fittest and smartest.

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Keywords: Self-driving cars / futuristic scenarios / urban mobility / Austrian perspective on AV / Self-driving cars adaptability
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