A Review of Minority Stress Related to Employees' Demographics and the Development of an Intersectional Framework for Their Coping Strategies in the Workplace

Köllen, Thomas (2014) A Review of Minority Stress Related to Employees' Demographics and the Development of an Intersectional Framework for Their Coping Strategies in the Workplace. In: The Role of Demographics in Occupational Stress and Well Being. Emerald Group Publishing Limited . pp. 41-82. ISBN 978-1-78350-646-0


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Every employee embodies manifestations of every demographic that attach to him or her different minority and majority statuses at the same time. As these statuses are often related to organizational hierarchies, employees frequently hold positions of dominance and subordination at the same time. Thus, a given individual's coping strategies (or coping behavior) in terms of minority stress due to organizational processes of hierarchization, marginalization and discrimination, are very often a simultaneous coping in terms of more than one demographic. Research on minority stress mostly focuses on single demographics representing only single facets of workforce diversity. By integrating the demographics of age, disability status, nationality, ethnicity, race, sexual orientation, and religion into one framework, the intersectional model proposed in this article broadens the perspective on minorities and related minority stress in the workplace. It is shown that coping with minority stress because of one demographic must always be interpreted in relation to the other demographics. The manifestation of one demographic can limit or broaden one's coping resources for coping with minority stress because of another dimension. Thus the manifestation of one demographic can determine the coping opportunities and coping behavior one applies to situations because of the minority status of another demographic. This coping behavior can include disclosure decisions about invisible demographics. Therefore organizational interventions aiming to create a supportive workplace environment and equal opportunities for every employee (e.g. diversity management approaches) should include more demographics instead of focusing only on few. (author's abstract)

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Keywords: Minority stress / coping resources / intersectionality / stigma / workforce diversity / age / disability / nationality / race / ethnicity / sexual orientation / religion
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