Frauen in der Logistik - Ursachenforschung zum geringen Anteil an Frauen mit Führungsfunktion in der Logistik- und Transportbranche

Ertl, Sylvia (2010) Frauen in der Logistik - Ursachenforschung zum geringen Anteil an Frauen mit Führungsfunktion in der Logistik- und Transportbranche. Schriftenreihe des Instituts für Transportwirtschaft und Logistik - Logistik, 03/2010. Institut für Transportwirtschaft und Logistik, WU Vienna University of Economics and Business, Vienna.

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The Austrian economy is characterised by a very low proportion of women in leading positions. Although women's employment is as high as never before and women are very well-trained, top management consists predominantly of male executives. There is no progress with regard to a balanced proportion during the last fifteen years. In some industries, as logistics and information technology, the percentage to women in leading positions is particularly low. The diploma thesis includes causal research regarding the low proportion of women in leading positions in logistics and the transport industry. The aim of the paper is to find out if the responsible factors are within the industry sector, the economic system or they are gender related. At first, a theoretical framework of the concept of logistics management, human resource development and gender mainstreaming which has impacts on career developments of the employees in logistics, is provided, followed by an analysis of the contemporary situation of women in the Austrian economy, especially in logistics. Subsequently, a qualitative research was conducted. Different experts of the transport industry, such as university professors, human resource managers and employees, have been consulted. The evaluation of the interviews shows that 1) the acceptance of female managers is low, 2) it is difficult to set up a work-life-balance for working mums, 3) sociopolitical conditions disadvance women 4) the knowledge about gender mainstreaming is low and 5) some female employees have low self-esteem. Concluding, the final results are summarized and recommendations are presented. (author's abstract)

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