A GLM framework for item response theory models. Reissue of 1994 Habilitation thesis.

Hatzinger, Reinhold (2008) A GLM framework for item response theory models. Reissue of 1994 Habilitation thesis. Research Report Series / Department of Statistics and Mathematics, 66. Department of Statistics and Mathematics, WU Vienna University of Economics and Business, Vienna.


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The aim of the monograph is to contribute towards bridging the gap between methodological developments that have evolved in the social sciences, in particular in psychometric research, and methods of statistical modelling in a more general framework. The first part surveys certain special psychometric models (often referred to as Rasch family of models) that share common properties: separation of parameters describing qualities of the subject under investigation and parameters related to properties of the situation under which the response of a subject is observed. Using conditional maximum likelihood estimation, both types of parameters may be estimated independently from each other. In particular, the Rasch model, the rating scale model, the partial credit model, hybrid types, and linear extensions thereof are treated. The second part reviews basic ideas of generalized linear models (GLMs) as an an excellent framework for unifying different approaches and providing a natural, technical background for model formulation, estimation and testing. This is followed by a short introduction to the software package GLIM chosen to illustrate the formulation of psychometric models in the GLM framework. The third part is the main part of this monograph and shows the application of generalized linear models to psychometric approaches. It gives a unified treatment of Rasch family models in the context of log-linear models and contains some new material on log-linear longitudinal modelling. The last part of the monograph is devoted to show the usefulness of the latent variable approach in a variety of applications, such as panel, cross-over, and therapy evaluation studies, where standard statistical analysis does not necessarily lead to satisfactory results. (author´s abstract)

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Keywords: Rasch model / rating scale model / partial credit model / LLTM / LRSM / LPCM / loglinear Rasch model / generalized linear models / quasi-symmetry / repeated categorical measurements / GLIM
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