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List of well-being indicators

Kettner, Claudia and Köppl, Angela and Stagl, Sigrid (2012) List of well-being indicators. WWWforEurope, 2. European Commission, bmwfw, Vienna.

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This milestone presents a pool of available indicators and indicator systems which go beyond the narrow concepts of national economic accounts as well as a structuring of the indicators and indices according to central areas of well-being. The milestone builds the basis for Task 202.2, where a subset of indicators will be selected based on different theoretical frameworks, e.g. services / functionings, needs. Some of the indicators will be included in the macro-economic models in order to account for key dimensions of sustainability.

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Additional Information: Please respect that this report was produced by the named authors within the WWWforEurope project and has to be cited accordingly.
Keywords: Beyond GDP / biophysical constraints / indicators / social-ecological transition / welfare state / well-being
Classification Codes: JEL D63, E01, I32, O44
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