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1. Gächter, Martin and Geiger, Martin and Glötzl, Florentin and Schuberth, Helene (2015) Sectoral Deleveraging in Europe and Its Economic Implications. In: Focus on European Economic Integration. Oesterreichische Nationalbank, Wien. pp. 8-23. file
2. Stegu, Martin and Preston, Dennis R. and Wilton, Antje and Finkbeiner, Claudia (2018) Panel discussion: language awareness vs. folk linguistics vs. applied linguistics. Language Awareness, 27 (1-2). pp. 186-196. ISSN 0965-8416 file
3. Becker, Joachim (2018) Schwarz-Blaues Regieren II: Orbánisierung in Rot-Weiß-Rot? Kurswechsel (1). pp. 201-112. ISSN 10168419 file
4. Novy, Andreas (2018) Parteien in Zeiten des Umbruchs. Kurswechsel (1). pp. 120-125. ISSN 10168419 file
5. Soder, Michael and Niedermoser, Kathrin and Theine, Hendrik (2018) Beyond growth: new alliances for socio-ecological transformation in Austria. Globalizations, 15 (4). pp. 520-535. ISSN 1474-7731 file